Our home owners can rest assured that their new home will be a source of pride and satisfaction for many years to come.


Dream Home


Don and Rosalie

In 2014 our family prepared to build a new home in the Town of the Blue Mountains.  But who would build our dream home? After much research, meetings with builders and inspecting builder's projects, we made our decision.
L. Patten and Sons Ltd
Our initial decision was based on
A) L. Patten's excellent reputation and 
B) A very competitive quote to build for us.
3 years later:
  • We are living in our new home
  • We are absolutely happy with all of our decisions
  • Our home was beautifully constructed
  • Our home was built on time (1 month early)
  • Our home was built on budget: as quoted
  • We are a local family for over 45 years and consider it an honour and a pleasure to recommend L. Patten and Sons.
If you are contemplating a new construction project in the foreseeable future, you owe it to yourself to get a quote from L. Patten and Sons.
Post Script: 
We based our initial construction decision solely on dialogue with the builder - Mr. Jerry Patten.  But then a pleasant surprise: over the 10 months of construction, we were in constant touch with the remarkable support personnel at Head Office. Kris, Katie, Jason and Andrea were amazing.  They held our hands, assisted with decision making, offered suggestions when asked and spent countless hours researching products with us on the internet. They were there for us every day, all day.  What a fantastic bonus. 

The Horan Family

We were thrilled with the hard work and attention to detail from the team at L. Patten and Sons. Their guidance for us, first time home builders, was so helpful in building our dream home.

Our family is so pleased with all the details, Jerry and his team were able to find us the perfect craftsmen to perfect all the wow features throughout the house. 

Many thanks.

Beach House

Lisa Mantella

I would like to share my experience with having L. Patten & Sons build a home for me.

Over the years I have had a few homes built and know what quality work and attention to detail mean. I am now living in a gorgeous Beach House right on the beach in Wasaga which was built by Jerry Patten of  L. Patten & Sons. 

I had a vision for a home on the beach and I was out searching for a custom home builder. After talking to a few, I met Jerry and right from the start I had a feeling that he understood completely what my vision was and the level of quality work that I expected from the builder that I was looking for. Jerry took me to a few of the homes he had recently finished and I was very impressed with the quality of work and the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into his work. I spoke with a few of his clients and they assured me they were very happy with their building process.

Jerry makes the whole process of building your custom dream home a reality. Jerry is a very easy going person, professional, knowledgable and has a strong work ethic and responds quickly to any concerns.  

L. Patten & Sons consist of a great team of people that share the same work ethics as Jerry. He has a great staff that will easily guide you through the whole process. All of his skilled tradespersons on the job site were very professional, polite, conscientious, showed up on time and the site was always clean and in order. After the house was built Jerry followed up to make sure every detail was perfect and that I was happy with the end result.

My home is now 3 years old and I couldn’t be happier! I have people all the time asking me who built the Beach House and I am very proud to say L. Patten & Sons. If you are looking for a custom home builder that will make your dream home a reality I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry Patten to make that happen for you. 


Quality Build – On Time – On Budget = L.Patten & Sons!

Nancy and Tony Ciccocioppo

We heard of L.Patten & Sons through very close friends, they were extremely pleased with Jerry Patten and his Team, so we decided to give him a call.  

We met with Jerry to discuss what our vision was and he was very interested in the challenge (NEC restrictions) of building a contemporary home, we decided right away to use Jerry Patten ( L.Patten & Sons), we didn't interview any other builders. We knew just by talking to him, he showed so much passion and ensured us that we would have a lovely new home on the Ski Hill @ Craigleith Ski Club.

We then met with Jerry and his designer Ron where we started the process of designing our new home, it was such a joy to work with them, they understood our needs and made sure every detail was incorporated in our new home, since my father build our original cabin in 1960, Ron was able to incorporate his design into ours.

The constructed began May 2015, Jerry and his fabulous Team were so accommodating, we happen to live close by, this made things move along on schedule even with a few changes we made along the way, all the trades we met during each stage of the build were local, that is something we were very happy to support.   We were NEVER disappointed.

He completed our new contemporary home on time and on budget, they started in the spring of 2015 and we moved in for Christmas of 2015 as promised.  We get so many compliments and we never had any issues, I would highly recommend Jerry Patten and his incredible Team in a heart beat.

They are the BEST!

PS: We had such a GREAT experience, that we want to buy a lot and build another home with them.

Smooth Sailing

Liz and Ralph Bauer

"Choosing L. Patten and Sons last October 2011 was the best decision we made when we built our home in Blue Mountains. Both Kristine and Jerry made our building experience exciting, smooth sailing, on budget and fun! (Yes – fun!)

They were extremely accommodating of our many requests and were very aware of costs, quality and workmanship. They responded immediately to our countless emails and phone calls as we were "hands –on customers" who had many questions as the project progressed. They never gave excuses and were always on "our side" to get the job done how we wanted it to be done.

Their crew was a delight to work with. Their years of experience made us realize that this was a project best left to the professionals! All the trades required to build a home i.e. plumbing, electrical, heating etc. were committed to providing the best service for L. Patten and Sons. They responded immediately to Jerry and Kristine's requests to complete the task at hand. I even asked one of the tradesmen why he responded so quickly to Jerry's request to come to our house and his response was "We like working for Jerry and we want to please him!"

Jerry and Kristine listened to our needs and wants and delivered more than we expected. We are so proud of our L. Patten & Sons home!"


Sonya and Rob Wedgbury

"My husband and I decided to work with Jerry specifically because he was a local builder and had been in business for many years. When we started building our dream home we realized what a huge project we were undertaking, however, the many decisions, frustrations and second-guessing almost drove us crazy. That's when we understood how our decision to use Jerry had allowed us to keep our sanity!

Jerry's ever present smile, calm demeanor and professionalism was a bonus. His understanding of the process of building a home, his connections and experience has enabled us to build our beautiful home on budget and on time.

The quality of work is something that, 2 years on, we still appreciate. As I'm sure we will for many more years to come. The many decisions that Jerry helped us with are also appreciated - almost daily. We sometimes laugh about things we thought were great ideas and then Jerry very politely and always with a smile steered us in the right direction. We truly feel lucky to have found Jerry and his crew and are proud to say that our home is a L. Patten and Sons home!"


Jack and Sue Marley

"Building a house with L Patten and Sons was an excellent experience... and we would recommend Jerry Patten, without a doubt."

  • "Jerry's trades people have all worked with him for years and each trade showed up when they were expected and performed well with quality work"
  • "Jerry's office staff and crew are long time loyals"
  • "The expenses came in exactly on budget; where they were over budget, theyr were all items that we changed or added ourselves. There were no unpleasant surprises"
  • "After move in service has also been superb; any issues have been looked after immediately and thoroughly"
  • "We found Jerry Patten to be honest, frugal, reliable, punctual, and extremely knowledgeable"


Gerry and Gail Bascombe

"My wife and I have moved several times over the last few years and have had several houses built. We certainly recommend Jerry Patten if you are in the market to build a house. He is a quality person and a quality builder. He stayed right on budget with no overages and we moved in on the exact date he said the house would be ready. He views his houses very seriously. Servicing is one of Jerry's strengths. He is instantly ready to come back if necessary. There was not one problem with his latest build for us.

The next step for us is a condo which we are getting ready to completely renovate. The company doing the renovation... L. Patten & Sons.

Over the years, we have come to know Jerry and his group very well. They are a joy to work with and will deliver whatever they say they will. Jerry is trustworthy, dependable and responsible. He is also a very nice guy. For any building project he is our choice."

Attention to detail

John and Monica Cosgrove

"I would like to offer this testimonial outlining our association with L Patten & Sons, and more particularly our relationship and experiences with the both Jerry and Kristine over the course of our Madeline Drive new home design, build and completion.

Our first association took place initially in March of 2010 upon my noticing Jerry's company truck parked outside the Craigleith Ski Club. At the time, we were considering building a new family home, to replace our existing chalet. With changing family dynamics, we decided Collingwood is where we wished to anchor our family residence for the future.

Upon our first call and communication with Jerry, he struck us as honest, sincere and respectful of our interests, ideas and budget. As this new home project was a first for us, we wanted to be sure we had a solid relationship established with a builder, for what would become our family's most significant undertaking.

Jerry met with us on numerous occasions initially, establishing the concept, layout, and key objectives we wished to have factored into our project. Jerry, on all occasions was honest in his recommendations, supportive of our desires and extremely confident in his ability to construct a new home that would capture the styling and waterfront characteristics we desired. Patience was a virtue with Jerry, as he undertook to assist us in visualizing, scaling and understanding all aspects of his design team's initial layouts and renderings.

With a few modifications and some re-drafts to finesse our ideas, we had (on paper) our home and layout complete. Next was to come up with some preliminary costing and establish a construction budget. Again, Jerry worked with his vast network of specialty trades from the area to deliver the quality we desired which allowed us to benefit from his years of association with some of the best value and quality tradesmen in the area. Construction commenced on time and as promised in December 2010, notwithstanding one of the heaviest snowfalls in years, making access to the site difficult and unexpectedly more complex.

All through the construction phase, Jerry regularly met with us on-site to review construction progress, to outline next steps and identify key decision milestones along the way, in order to maximize build and construction efficiencies. Meanwhile, back in the office, Kristine kept us completely and competently up-to-date on the build and trades costs, or assisting us with key vendor selections for fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, flooring and trim choices. Without question, Kristine had at her fingertips, previous meeting minutes, key decision items, accumulated costing details and "in progress" cost-to-budget summaries. Kristine could be relied upon to provide us summaries, quotations, follow ups, and solid advice on the multitude decisions that had to be made.

The combination of Kristine's office professionalism and attention to details, along with Jerry's work ethic, focus on construction quality and regular site updates, gave Monica and I a level of comfort and confidence that frankly neither of us had anticipated or expected. Therefore, it was with no surprise that our home was completed on time and on budget, notwithstanding a number of additions, minor dimensional changes and upgrades. Jerry and Kristine have demonstrated to us, now a year after completion, their interests with their clients extend beyond just the construction stage, and continue indefinately to ensure our full and complete satisfaction. We know we can pick up the phone at any time and Kristine or Jerry will be there to assist us or follow up on new or expanded work requests.

Patten & Sons have built us more than a waterfront home. They have provided us with an un-paralled committment to customer focus, craftmanship and quality, foundationed on client respect and honesty that we have come to know as the hallmark of Patten & Sons and what they stand for in the Collingwood and surronding community."


"Let us turn your dream home into reality!”