What's Your Style Of Custom Luxury Homes? Traditional vs Modern vs Contemporary

When building or designing a house, one of the first decisions to make is what style you would like your home to be. Most people end up building custom luxury homes with elements from multiple styles. Traditional homes have characteristics of one or more historical architectural styles, without being easily classified as any particular style. Modern homes are typically mid-century designs, achieving better design through simplicity of form, space, material, detail, and colour.  Contemporary homes are often attributed to design and architecture deemed fashionable, novel, and smart. 


This article will explore different characteristics and features as well as images of each style. If you have questions about designing your custom home or are looking for a custom home builder, be sure to contact L. Patten and Sons

What's Your Style of Custom Luxury Homes: Traditional vs. Modern vs. Contemporary



Traditional homes are modern-day interpretations of historic styles. As such, they fit well in any number of settings, from established neighbourhoods to rural lots. As their name implies, they tend to feature traditional plans such as formal living and dining rooms, along with traditional aspects like front porches and fireplaces. Traditional houses come in all sizes, with one or more stories. Traditional house designs are found throughout North America, topping the list as the most commonly built style of home. They appeal to all ages and lifestyles, from singles and new families starting out to growing families to retirees. 



Modern style and architecture is, for the most part, classic and iconic. Modern building materials typically consist of steel, concrete, glass, wood, and plastic. In modern homes, there are typically a lot of clean lines, open spaces, and space for the architecture and furniture in the room to "breathe." Modern houses are simple, calm, and warm. Modern style is also known as minimalist style, and has become quite popular over the years as a design philosophy and way of life. The style is about better design through simplicity of form, space, detail, material, and colour. 



Contemporary style is typically described as design and architecture that is fashionable, modish, novel, and smart. Contemporary design, as a whole, is simple design. It can often be considered very similar to modern style, but is rather more "trendy" than classic.  

Example of fireplaces and cozy traditional features. 

Example of fireplaces and cozy traditional features. 

Common Features in Traditional Homes

- Architectural details borrowed from any historical style

- Front porches

- Formal living and dining rooms

- Fireplaces and cozy features

Example of an open, light filled modern space. 

Example of an open, light filled modern space. 

Common Features in Modern Homes

- Simplicity in form and function

- Uncomplicated wall finishes

- Open, light-filled spaces

- Strategic use of materials for interest, texture, and personality

Example of a bright interior with large windows.

Example of a bright interior with large windows.

Common Features in Contemporary Homes

- Bring light into interiors with large windows

- Use subtle colours with accents of more vibrant colour

- Using neutral tones for flooring, furnishings, lighting fixtures, and textiles

- Bare floors


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As mentioned earlier, most people end up using elements from each style when building or designing a home.  If you are looking to build your own custom home, be sure to contact L. Patten and Sons. If you are designing your home, have questions, or are ready to work with a custom builder, ensure you get the best service and experience with L. Patten & Sons. We deliver a specialized experience with a hands-on process. From initial discussions, to design, to final touches - you can count on us for open communication throughout the whole process, with only the finest quality work. We're so focused on your satisfaction that you can even expect a call back from us to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. We don't just build a big property, we focus on the small details that you'll appreciate for decades to come. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

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