Custom Home Building Trends 2019

custom home trends 2019

When it comes to custom home building trends 2019, eco-friendly, smart, and fun are buzzworthy terms to keep in mind. L. Patten & Sons is here to help. Let over 50 years of experience building custom homes work to build you the home of your dreams! If you are interested in building a custom home in the Collingwood and Blue Mountains area, contact L. Patten & Sons today.


Custom Home Building Trends 2019

Eco-Friendly Homes

Crafting an eco-friendly home begins with the design process and carries through the build and finishing touches. Here are some features you may want to incorporate into your custom home build.

Certification: LEED, Energy Star, R-2000 and similar labels. For more information on what they mean, visit Natural Resources Canada and the Canada Green Building Council.

Heating & cooling systems: Furnaces should be high efficiency. Look for Energy Star certification for heating and cooling (for information on Energy Star, visit

Wood: Certifications like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) assure you the wood comes from a sustainable source.

Windows, doors and skylights: Energy Star products will save 7-10% in energy costs compared to conventional ones.

Cabinetry: Is it formaldehyde-free, and is the paint or stain low-VOC (volatile organic compounds)?

Flooring: Look for carpeting made of recycled materials such as plastic water bottles or natural products such as wool. Bamboo flooring can be a good choice if the product has been grown sustainably and does not contain formaldehyde.

Solar ready: Has the house been built so the roof, for example, can bear the extra weight if solar panels are installed?

Not only do these amenities reduce any negative impact on the environment caused by building and living in a custom home, they also help reduce the cost of your monthly bills, and they look fantastic to boot. For more, check out our Top 8 Tips for Building an Environmentally Friendly Custom Home


Solar panels help make your custom home more eco-friendly.

Smart Homes

In this day and age, technology can be found all throughout most homes. When designing custom homes, fully integrated technology is near the top of most homeowner’s lists.

Today’s custom homes can be run completely from a smart phone, meaning you can remotely control lights and window treatments, set the security system, watch a movie, listen to music, or vacuum the floors.

Smart technology is growing at a rapid pace and will be something trending for a long time to come. Click here for a list of the best smart home devices for 2019.

Smart homes are becoming the norm.

Fun Homes

One of the big custom home trends in 2019 is maximizing the potential for fun. Many build with a view to having family gather in the new space for years to come, and if you plan to live outside of town, it’s beneficial to have some entertaining amenities on site.

You have a blank slate when beginning to dream and design your custom home, and there’s plenty of room for fun and unique touches. Bored Panda outlines 33 ideas, and these are some of our favourites:

  • Indoor pool that can be opened up for summer

  • Cat transit system

  • Storage under the stairs

  • “Secret room” for kids

  • Outdoor theatre

  • Beach-themed fire pit

For Ontario homes, it’s key to make use of outdoor space while also creating contingencies for the long winters; big open kitchens and living spaces are great for family to commune in. You want your home to look amazing, but don’t forget to enjoy it as well.


Create a custom home wherein memories can be made.


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