Custom Home Building Bylaws Collingwood

There are a number of bylaws to consider when building a home in Ontario. Custom home building bylaws in Collingwood are quite extensive. A number of building permits, applications, inspections, and plans and specifications are required. Looking to build your custom home in the Collingwood area today? Contact L. Patten and Sons now! 

Custom Home Building Bylaws Collingwood

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is a document issued by your municipality. A building permit is necessary when you wish to construct, renovate, demolish, or change the use of a building, including a home.


Why do you need to obtain a building permit?

Building permits are in place to allow each municipality to protect the interests of the people and the community alike. 

By reviewing and approving building permit applications before any work is done, the municipality can ensure that buildings comply with:

  • the Building Code, which sets standards for the design and construction of buildings to meet health, safety, fire protection, accessibility and resource conservation

  • the local zoning bylaw and other planning controls on buildings

  • other applicable legislation, including conservation authority approvals and certain requirements under the Environmental Protection Act.

When do you need a building permit?

According to the Ontario bylaws, you must obtain a building permit before you:

  • construct any new building over ten square meters in area on your property

  • make renovations or repairs or add to a building

  • change the use of a building

  • excavate or construct a foundation

  • construct a seasonal building

  • undertake work regarding the installation, alteration, extension or repair of an on-site sewage system.

Contact your municipality if you have any questions about when a building permit may be required.


How do you apply for a building permit?

You can get an application for a building permit from your municipality or the Ministry of Municipal Affairs’ Website. All building permit applications are sent to your municipality and not the provincial ministry. 

When you apply, you'll have to attach drawings, plans, and other documents. You may also have to pay a fee.

It's a good idea to talk to the staff at your municipality or your home builder before you apply. If you are building a home with a custom home builder, they will take care of getting all of the appropriate permits for you.

Contact L. Patten and Sons today if you are interested in taking the hassle out of your home build.  


What can you do if your application is refused?

If your municipality refuses your permit application, you will be told why. This will allow you to resolve the issues at hand. If you can't resolve the problems with the municipality, you have a few options for appealing their decision.

If the problem relates to technical requirements set out in the Building Code, you may appeal to the Building Code Commission, and if the problem relates to compliance with other applicable laws, such as interpretation of the zoning bylaw, you can appeal to a judge of the Superior Court of Justice, who will review the matter. You may want to talk to a lawyer first.


What happens during construction?

The Building Code sets out the stages of construction when different types of buildings must undergo a mandatory inspection. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to contact the municipality for an inspection when the project is at the stage of construction set out in the Building Code. The municipal building official is required to carry out the inspection within two working days of being notified. For construction of a sewage system, the inspector has five working days to conduct the inspection. During the inspection, an inspector will inspect the work to determine if it is carried out in accordance with the Building Code, your permit and the approved plans.

You will also be required to:

  • show your permit in a window or other place where it can be easily seen

  • keep copies of the plans on the site

  • tell the municipality about any changes to the proposed construction, which will also have to be approved by the municipality.

The inspector must always be able to see the work. If it's different from the work that was approved and, unless you get permission for a revision to your plans, you will be told to correct it. 

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What other approvals may be required?

In addition to the planning approvals and building permit which are required for a building project, other permits and approvals may be required in particular circumstances, e.g., Conservation Authority and Ministry of Transportation approvals. 


How can you find out more?

For more information about building permits in your community, contact your municipal building department. In Collingwood, contact the Town of Collingwood. For more general information about building in Ontario, check out the Ontario Building Code

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