2018 Home Building Trends

Are you looking for the 2018 home building trends? Building a home and knowing which design elements to include can be tough.  From picking a theme to choosing a layout, and even down to what flooring and paint each room will have, designing and planning your custom house can be overwhelming. L. Patten and Sons specialize in making that process an enjoyable one by supporting you every step of the way. However, if you’re a self-starter and want to try and explore some ideas on your own, there are a lot of amazing websites out there where you can find inspiration. If you’re looking for a hands-on custom builder, where you can be part of the process, contact L. Patten today. If you’re looking to play architect or interior designer, and get some great ideas for your home, look no further! 

2018 Home Building Trends 

1. Clay Walls

Clay walls are not only trendy, but also are a natural, non-toxic alternative to the traditional drywall. This organic material is trending as it is not only natural but it is also visually appealing in design. Clay walls are derived from naturally sourced materials and offer a natural, environmentally friendly alternative. Clay offers a variety of options, from clean satin-smooth porcelain-like surfaces to earthy textured finishes for accent walls. Each plaster finish brings its own unique texture, feel and appearance. Clay walls are also legal and up to code in Canada. 

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2. First Floor Master Bedrooms

Having a master bedroom on the first floor is an ageing-friendly feature that is gaining in popularity. When you are building your dream home you want to be sure to build something you will be able to age into, to support your changing needs. Today’s Baby Boomers are looking for homes that will allow them to live a comfortable and convenient lifestyle as they get older. Unlike many trends, this one is timeless. One-floor living or a first-floor master bedroom with easy access to other main rooms will prove to be essential in new home design.

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3. Thin Countertop Slabs

As with many trendy designs, less is more. The modern style lends itself to this. Ultra-thin 1 cm countertop slabs create a simple, clean-lined look. Paired with simple white, clean-edged cabinets and you have a trendy 2018 kitchen. Traditionally, countertops are 2cm or 3 cm stone slabs. It may take some extra searching to find a supplier of thin counter slabs, but it will definitely be worth it.  

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4. Wallpaper

Wallpaper made a comeback in 2017 and isn’t going anywhere in 2018.  This isn't your grandmother's wallpaper - rather it is artistic wall murals typically accenting design and giving a home personality and texture. Wallpaper trends in 2018 include metallics, patterns, and more - and they can be used in any space.  

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5. The Connected Home

With technology advancing the way it is, conveniences and efficiencies are common in new home builds.  With so many connectivity options, the connected home is trendy when building a new home in 2018. Smart Home companies are making it easier than ever to control all of the technology in your home through one app on your phone. With one touch you can dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, open window shades, and lock all your doors.

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Custom Home Builders Collingwood

When building a home, most people end up using elements from different styles and trends.  If you are looking to build your own custom home, be sure to contact L. Patten and Sons. If you are designing your home, have questions, or are ready to work with a custom builder, ensure you get the best service and experience with L. Patten & Sons. We deliver a specialized experience with a hands-on process. From initial discussions, to design, to final touches - you can count on us for open communication throughout the whole process, with only the finest quality work. We're so focused on your satisfaction that you can even expect a call back from us to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. We don't just build a big property, we focus on the small details that you'll appreciate for decades to come. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

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