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Custom Home Building Trends 2019

When it comes to custom home building trends 2019, eco-friendly, smart, and fun are buzzworthy terms to keep in mind. L. Patten & Sons is here to help. Let over 50 years of experience building custom homes work to build you the home of your dreams! If you are interested in building a custom home in the Collingwood and Blue Mountains area, contact L. Patten & Sons today.

Common Mistakes When Planning Custom Built Homes

There are several common mistakes to avoid when planning custom built homes. Read on to discover a few of the most important, and trust L. Patten & Sons to steer you in the right direction in the custom home building process. We specialize in custom built homes in Collingwood, Creemore, and the Blue Mountains area. Contact us today!

Top 10 Ways to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Top 10 Ways to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Imagine hiring a custom home builder to create your dream living space, having the freedom to choose virtually every aspect of your new home and then, at the end of it all, living in the home of your dreams! Contact the experts at L. Patten & Sons Limited to learn more about what a trusted custom home builder can do for you.